Learning is about generalization. Language learning is about generalization to sentences not seen before. One aspect of this is syntacic generalization,


  • Representations of Syntax [MASK] Useful: Effects of Constituency and Dependency Structure in Recursive LSTMs
  • Overestimation of Syntactic Representation in Neural Language Models
  • Syntactic Data Augmentation Increases Robustness to Inference Heuristics
  • A Systematic Assessment of Syntactic Generalization in Neural Language Models
  • Does Syntax Need to Grow on Trees? Sources of Hierarchical Inductive Bias in Sequence-to-Sequence Networks
Paper Task Metric Models Findings
R verb-object agreement accuracy sequence & tree LSTMs Tree structure & augmentation help
O syntactic priming perplexity change sequence LSTM, n-gram Task too easy for baselines
S entailment inference accuracy BERT Augmentation helps
A 6 tasks accuracy GPTs, sequence RNNs, n-gram… GPTs > RNNs, model > data
D question formulation accuracy (first word) sequence & tree RNNs Tree structure helps, not augmentation*
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My takes

def what?
Name Lunch order Spicy Owes
Joan saag paneer medium $11
Sally vindaloo mild $14
Erin lamb madras HOT $5

There are multiple syntax highlighting themes to choose from. Here’s one of them:

// All the code you will ever need
var hw = "Hello World!"

My math is so rusty that I barely remember the quadratic equation: $-b \pm \sqrt{b^2 - 4ac} \over 2a$

Written on July 7, 2020